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Ideally, no one wants to get old and wrinkled. The thought of your smooth skin getting old and sagged is rather disturbing. But thanks to a new non-surgical treatment called Fractora, those thoughts should not terrorize you anymore.

EMR Systems show that the number of people considering aesthetic plastic surgery is no the rise. In fact, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says the numbers have been growing at an annual rate of 12% in the last few years.

The treatment uses radio-frequency technology to treat deep layers of the skin. The heat stimulates the production of collagen for improved skin elasticity which in turn helps tighten your skin. Below, we try to answer some of the questions that most people ask about fractora;

When will I see the results?

Most people often look for instant results when it comes to skin treatment. For fractora, the skin will tighten two weeks after treatment. However, it takes 3 months for the desired results to set in.

What skin types are best for fractora treatments?

“Because Fractora uses radio frequency instead of laser, there is a better chance to bypass post treatment pigmentation for those skins that tend to pigment after laser (which is most anyone who’s not Scandinavian).” Explains Dr. Yoho. “This makes it a desirable option for any physician who is treating patients with ethnic blended skin. If you tan easily, then it’s a given that heat treatments will excite melanin cells and create what’s called PIH or post inflammatory pigmentation.”

How does it work and is it safe?

Fractora uses RF energy to heat deep layers of the skin and thus helping it to tighten. The radio-frequency energy is medically proven thus you will get the desired results. It is safe to use and there is no known harm that comes from fractora.

Dr. Fisher from Peoria Cosmetic Surgery clinic adds: “It’s safe for all skin colors, so patients with dark skin types can benefit from the treatment, unlike with the other laser treatments out there, which cause pigmentation changes in darker skin types.”

How many sessions do I need?

Several factors like skin type and color often play out when it comes to the number of sessions needed. Generally you will need between one to six sessions so as to get long lasting skin tightening results.

Can I combine fractora with other treatments?

The answer is yes. You can use fractora with other treatments on or after your sessions. For an extensive facial tightening treatment, you will need FracTal Facial. This is where you use fractora with other energy treatments and injectable.

Is post procedure care needed?

You need to look after the treated areas with tender care. It is advisable to stay away from direct sunlight after fractora skin treatment. Apply sunscreen after undergoing fractora skin lift.

Is there any downtime?

Fractora skin lift has been known to have no downtime. You will come out of those session as healthy as you went in but with a tightened skin. Some patients have been known to have a slight redness after a session but that quickly fades away after a few hours

What areas can be treated?

Although fractora is mainly popular for treating facial wrinkles, you can use it to treat your arms, abdomen or any other area you feel needs it. Fractora is also a great option in dealing with acne scarring.

“(For) acne scarring, Fractora is a revolutionary procedure. I find it to be light years ahead of dermabrasion, Fraxel, CO2, or Erbium,” says Las Vegas dermatologist Dr. F. Victor Rueckl. “It will take maybe 2-3 high energy treatments just because acne scarring is so much deeper, but the results are fantastic.”

Is it painful?

Fractora has been known to cause no pain. In an era where people are looking for non-surgical ways to remain young and beautiful, fractora has been the go-to treatment for skins.