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I am going through a major medical treatment. I am not going to discuss the details as to what the issue is but instead I’d like to discuss a major problem of me not being allowed to enter United States of America even though I am a holder of Canadian Passport.

Why Was I Denied Entry into the USA?

After doing my research I have discovered that the best treatment I can get for my medical condition is in USA, so last year I have travelled there to start my treatment. The administrative and initial diagnostic stage took longer than I’d anticipated so obviously the treatment itself started much later than I initially planned. So what was supposed to be 5 months ended up being 8 months. Canadians are allowed to stay in America without a visa for 182 days or 6 months per visit. I of course could not leave my treatment halfway so unfortunately I broke the rules and overstayed a little over than 2 months. When I intended to go back for the second part of my treatment this year, I was denied entry for overstaying the previous time. I felt my world turn upside down.I was so miserable at first that I could not think straight. The treatment has done wonders for me so I was really looking forward to it. Plus, everything was payed for already and I would loose a lion share of my money if I did not find a way to go back to the States. So after the initial emotional turmoil I had to go through I thought to myself: “Wait a minute, there has to be another way.” So I started my research.

Waiver For Canadian Citizen To Enter US If You Have Been Denied Admission

I’d discovered there may be many reasons as to why citizens of visa exempt countries can be turned down when trying to enter US. These can be communicable diseases, criminal records. However the most common of them is overstaying your previous visit. Now everybody’s reasons vary however I believed that mine can and should be excused. Now even though I did break the rules and now thinking back I should have applied for some special extended stay permit, however in my condition I was desperate and could not think straight. All I could think about is getting better.

So I discovered that I can apply directly to Customs and Border Protection for a temporary waiver of inadmissibility. Although it is quite costly at $585 and can take up to a year, in my situation it is well worth the money, time and effort. As I needed everything to go smoothly and done fast, I decided to go with the option of letting US entry waiver of inadmissibility professionals who have done it a million times to take over the entire process. Now a little over 6 months down the line I am all set and ready to go back to continue my treatment.

A Piece of Advice

Now after going through this ordeal as well as a lot of stress I a strongly recommend that you apply for an extended stay visa if you have even a little bit of doubt that you are not going to go back to Canada after 6 months. Trust me, it is much easier and cheaper than going what I had to go through.